Zlatko Sejdinovic

Zlatko Sejdinovic, FAD 3D Design Pathway Leader

Although coming from more technical and engineering-oriented studies (Advanced Computer Technologies, University of Belgrade), I early on found hidden passion toward 3D animation and film industry. Starting with simple student projects and movies, I slowly progressed towards the more demanding animation and movie industry. Having had the luck to collaborate with many great directors and crews early on I started thinking that I could use this experience and try to transfer this passion to new generations. So, along the projects I was involved in, I started more and more going toward the educational sector, becoming an Autodesk Certified Instructor, and working at several training centers. 

This allowed me to gain better insight into how to approach students, how to make them interested and engaged with the subject, push them to achieve more and never limit themselves. 
But wishing to stay up to date with current technologies, after years of teaching, I again jumped on VFX train, back to shots, modeling, rendering – and as before I was lucky to have opportunity to work on some of the high profile projects, Hollywood movies and TV series, that enabled me to accumulate some in-depth industry knowledge that would be otherwise very hard to obtain.

Alas, since life is a constant change, after several years working with studios across Europe, I decided to go full 180 and do something completely different -  come to China and just learn new culture, new way of approaching the whole industry and experience different kind of projects compared to what I was used to do. In the past 5 years since I came to China, I’ve worked on numerous films and TV projects, and in time I slowly progressed from 3D artist to On-set supervisor and finally a CG and VFX Supervisor. 
But call of education was hard for me to resist. And again, just like years before, I’m making a full circle going back to students, teachings and trying to transfer some of the knowledge I have been lucky to gain to the new generations.
In this line of work, two things are a must: having a great relationship with your colleagues and always being ready to learn new things. Communication is the base for any success. You must have a constant communication, respect other coworkers, their thoughts and critiques, and always keep and open eye for new things you can learn from them. I try to stick to this principle as much as possible.

When I’m not working, you’ll catch me with my camera and the book, wandering through streets, looking for that interesting moment that stays with you, long after the shutter clicks. And if I don’t find it, I will sit and read others’ experiences of this wonderful world we’re sharing.


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