Martin Gluchman

Martin was born and raised in Slovakia and graduated from the University of Presov in 2009 with a Masters in English Language and Applied Linguistics from the Institute of British and American Studies and did his PhD in 2014 in relevant studies as well. He has over eleven years of teaching experience and has become a well-educated and academically established instructor of English as the Second Language. 

He has acquired a hands-on approach to teaching the English language in China, understood the multicultural way of teaching at Fiji National University, learned many practical skills on how to approach students, and experienced the life teaching lessons working at the College of the Marshall Islands. Throughout his career, he has developed his English language skills and acquired several language certificates, and has become a certified IELTS and TOEFL Instructor. 

Martin has taught at many educational levels and different student age groups. He has been teaching Bachelor's, Masters, Diploma, and Certificate students mastering their English language skills and helping them achieve their dreams and career goals. He is excellent at shaping the professional academic linguistic needs of students towards their future educational and employment opportunities. Martin always strives for the best of the students and aims to balance that with their personal achievements. 

In BACA, he helps students acquire great writing composition skills and constantly supports their excellence through sharing his knowledge, experience, and constant positive approach. He runs English language workshops and tutorials where students are welcome to express their creative minds in writing. Martin positively inspires his students towards their dreams and applies the theoretical scope of learning the English language as the second language in his one on one tutorials where he provides feedback on students’ performance and achievements. He enjoys mutual cooperation with students on their common goals – to become successful English speakers and have fun. 

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