Sakura Fischer

Coming from a textile- and surface design based education with BA and MA from the KHB-Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee in Germany (University of Art and Design), I have over ten years of cross-disciplinary work experience through collaborations with different artist of various departments, such as Textile, Performance, Fashion, Contemporary Dance, Photography, Video and Film.
As my University structure was similar to the Bauhaus University, I had the chance to fine- tune my technical skills through trainings in a wide range of workshops.
I enjoyed working in the wood and ceramic studio and was especially dedicated to the silkscreen-printing studio.
I find it a great technique for every student to work very experimental, highly creative and enormously useful for the process of research, sketch booking and mark making.
I have been living in Beijing for almost five years working as a creative consultant for Chinese and European enterprises.
Through my work I gained an insight into culture and education in china, which let’s me to believe that I am able to work with young creative talents at Baca.
I thrive to create a supportive and inspirational relationship with the students to empower each student to find their own talents through skill based teaching, so they will be able to achieve strong outcomes and ultimately reach their biggest potentials.
Through my experience in working in the art department of various film and Video projects, I am able to adapt easily to new situations, good in finding solutions and working under pressure.
I am constantly working on building up good communication, mutual respect between my colleagues and students to create an empathic work environment.
I have a great interest and pleasure in working as part of a team, sharing knowledge and inspiration, learning from each other and collaborate together.


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