Aschkan Davarnia

Coming from a diverse ethnical background involving the German, Canadian, Persian and Turkish culture, Aschkan has quickly familiarized himself within different cultures and can nowadays use his fluency in four different languages to overcome any form of communication barriers.
Aschkan has spent much of his life between Canada and Germany and has graduated with a Master degree. He gained major experience in the industry and used this knowledge to offer seminars for corporate managers. 
Wanting to step back from the corporate world to share his experience, Aschkan has become a creative and visual fashion professional who has been one of the first foreign members at BACA. He has extensive knowledge of the British education system especially with regard to preparing students for fashion media and management courses.
Aschkan has also gained major experience as the Director of Administration at BACA and is also in charge of an academic english program, focusing strongly on creative ways to enhance the academic and conceptual learning experience. Moreover, he is also a certified and trained US Admission Consultant for applications to US undergraduate courses
Having been trained in economics and marketing, Aschkan has a strong analytical ability which he likes to use when playing chess, cards and other strategic games. Aschkan is also a very passionate and enthusiastic person who likes to surprise his opponents with very bold moves. In order to satisfy his curiosity for other cultures, Aschkan tends to travel to other countries as much as possible or book an exciting trip within China.
All this influences Aschkan as the course leader of the HNC programme sharing his rich experience in the UK and US education system to help students find their right place in university and to be able to quickly adopt the right conceptual and visual skills needed to develop an application portfolio.

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