Binia Tallon

Binia Tallon came to Beijing eight years ago. She established Foundation program at BACA and has successfully send over 300 students to courses at the UAL during the past eight years.
Binia likes to enthuse teaching staff as well as students with her creative dynamism. Her passion for finding the potential of each student through educating and working with young creatives has given her great experience.
Dedicated to respect, grow and nurture each student’ s creative individuality Binia and her team achieve high levels of creativity and individualism with each student. ‘’We miss you so much” is some students who return to BACA to tell Binia and her new cohort of students about their experiences made at London colleges often use. Binia takes pride in not only educating but also preparing students for London Life and studies abroad in a sensible way.
Curious about people and her surroundings, Binia always seeks to integrate experiences and observations into teaching. In 2017 Binia was part of the team who set up a knowledge exchange and teaching experience for BACA students with one of the most desired art and design colleges in London.
During this project Students were rethinking design methods/ethos and trying to practice a sustainable approach when designing and finding new design and life style solutions.
Since the beginning of the BACA foundation in 2011 Binia has used her experience gained and recreated and set up the foundation courses for the best of the students with great success. Binia is proud to ensure that BACA students will be taught with British Art and Design educational standards. Good relations to UAL and yearly travels to BA shows at London colleges enable Binia to design course content that reacts to the pulse of time.

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