Janine Grosche


Janine Grosche
FAD Specialized Teacher
Janine Grosche is a Fashion Designer from Germany, with more than ten years of experience in the fashion industry, 7 years of working in Beijing, where she today has set up her own menswear label PATH that questions and challenges the traditional conception of men’s fashion and that has been seen on various international platforms such as ‘Hypebeast’ and ‘Highsnobiety’ and Magazines such as Italian Vogue.
At Baca Janine teaches the Fashion Pathway as well as giving workshops in Life Drawing. She has strong abilities when it comes to visualizing, conceptualizing and further idea and design development.
She supports the students during the process of making, to best help them to realize their ideas and concept in 3D towards a professional and prolific outcome.
Janine’s approach as an educator is to guide them through the challenges of expressing their creative intention, developing their own voices to become more confident, self-reliant and independent in their individual practice as future fashion designers.

Learning from the ground up Janine provides skill teaching during her hands-on workshops that span from learning required sewing techniques, developing an understanding for a garment and fabric behavior, essential pattern cutting and draping, fabric and textile manipulations, sample making towards a well-produced finished garment.

She nourishes the students with insights into the fashion industry, innovative new fabric developments, fashion movements and future trends due to personal experience and the knowledge what it take to practice as a Fashion Designer in today’s society.



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