George Schiefer

George Schiefer was born and raised in New York City where is also graduated from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in cartooning/ illustration. After he spent two years working as a line art illustrator. Then looking for a better career, George attended and graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with an AAS in Accessory Design. During the end of his time at FIT, he started working as a handbag designer at Nine West. George then spent the next four years working as a technical designer for various contemporary handbag brands. Also during this time taking on some freelance work as an illustrator.
However, after some time working in the fashion industry, George felt a severe lack of time in his personal, more meaningful art projects. This led to him moving to Vietnam to teach. There he taught at various schools and further pursued his narrative illustration works. As well during this time, working on projects of the graphic design nature with logo and promo card designs. Seeing that teaching was becoming a serious career path, George then went for his PGCEI with the University of Nottingham to enhance his teaching abilities. From there he was able to work a short time as an Art teacher at The British International School in Ho Chi Minh City.
George personally works mostly on pen and ink illustrations often using a brush, reminiscent of the Ligne Claire style of the early French cartoonists just with a more defined brush stroke. He has also made from hand is own handbag and clutch accessories to be sold online.
As a BACA teacher, he can infuse his industry experience to help develop young art students who are looking for a path in the commercial art fields. As well as cultivate an environment where students of the arts can develop their talents further in whichever artistic direction they wish to explore.


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