David Martinez

David Martinez is an independent consultant in art and culture who partners with companies, collectors and artists to develop exhibitions, art fairs or private collections. After spending over a decade working in the art world for auctions houses like Art curial in Paris, galleries and fairs, David has acquired deep knowledge on the art world; learning how to design shows or to organize lectures for both neophytes or professionals.
David considers that everything you do must be done with passion, and his dedication and knowledge in fine arts have helped creating events that attracted tens of thousands of visitors like the “Arts in Urban Cultures” show that was held in the Orange in Beijing Sanlitun area in May 2018. From designing comfortable viewing space, to carefully picking the artworks and writing accessible reading materials, his goal is to expand the audience insight on cultural matters. A firm believer in open dialogue and people interactions, he never holds anything granted (as taste is something very personal) and is receptive to others views and opinions on a subject. He is no stranger to giving lectures as well and has been commissioned to do so on several occasions (publicly or privately).
David is titular of a bachelor’s degree in Art History & Museology from the École du Louvre in Paris where he specialized in classical Chinese landscapes paintings. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of PARIS- SORBONNE IV and a bachelor’s degree in History from the same university.
In his spare time, David enjoys golfing, fitness, cooking European and Asian cuisine and going to exhibitions where he can satisfy his curiosity. Living true to Benjamin Franklin quote that investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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