Business and Media Pathway

Pearson BTEC Level 4 Higher Nationals in Business

Course Structure:

The course will run over 8 Units, 4 of which are core units and 4 are specialist units. Students will complete a range of projects requiring you to produce look books, visual campaigns, magazines, log books, videos, reports and presentations working independently and in teams.

Equivalent Qualifications:

China: 3rd Year of High School
US: Year 12
UK: Foundation 
Canada: Year 12
Australia: Year 12

Access from:

China: 2nd Year of High School
US: Year 11
UK: A-Level
Canada: Year 11
Australia: Year 11

Progression to:

Successful candidates have progressed to fashion management and media courses such as fashion marketing, fashion media, fashion styling, fashion management, creative direction for fashion, fashion photography, fashion public relations and fashion buying at UAL London College of Fashion and other universities in the UK/US.

Target Students:

1. Complete BACA Art Year 11 (A Level in Art). Or complete 2nd year of high school in China.
Or complete
US: Year 11
UK: A-Level
Canada: Year 11
Australia: Year 11
2. Students who have an interest in business and media in the fashion context.


1 Year

Entry Requirements:

Minimum Age: 17 Years Old
English Level: BACA English test 70 or IELTS 5.0

Application Documents:

High School Diploma / School transcript / Studying certification / Personal statement / Reference letter / Portfoli

Certificate and Qualification:

BACA Art Certificate (Year 12)
BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Business
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