BACA Year 12 Business and Media Pathway

Pearson BTEC Level 4 Higher Nationals in Business


Course Structure

The course will run over 8 Units, 6 of which are core units and 2 are specialist units. Students will complete a range of projects requiring you to product visuals, reports, log books and presentations working independently and in teams.


Equivalent Qualifications

China: 3rd Year of High School

US: Year 12

UK: Foundation 

Canada: Year 12

Australia: Year 12


Access from

China: 2nd Year of High School

US: Year 11

UK: A-Level

Canada: Year 11

Australia: Year 11


Progression to:

UK/USA undergraduate courses in Business and Media

UAL undergraduate courses in Fahion Management, Fashion Buying and Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Communication


Target Students:

1. Complete BACA Art Year 11 (A Level in Art). Or complete 2nd year of high school in China.

Or complete

US: Year 11

UK: A-Level

Canada: Year 11

Australia: Year 11

2. Students who have an interest in business and media in the fashion context.



1 Year


Entry Requirements:

Minimum Age: 17 Years Old

English Level: BACA 5.0 or IELTS 5.0


Application Documents:

High School Diploma / School transcript / Studying certification / Personal statement / Reference letter / Portfoli


Certificate and Qualification:

BACA Art Certificate (Year 12)

BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Business

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