BACA Art English Programme

Course Introduction

The Art English programme provides the students with the language needed to complete their studies to a high standard. It covers areas such as annotation, research techniques, critical thinking skills, descriptive language, and presentation skills. As well as the direct benefit that this will have on their course work, it will also serve to increase their ability for gaining a high score in the IELTS exam in the following ways.
It has been observed that the weaker English students fall behind in their course work because their understanding is not good. IELTS coursework does not prepare them for this. The Academic Communication programme delivers an engaging and enjoyable English learning experience for the students. In this way, the course not only increases the students’ English for their IELTS Exam, but can also help them to prepare for their future studies in art and design.

Course Objectives

As part of the course, the students will write essays on subjects related to art and design. This will greatly increase their writing skills and their understanding of essay structure, necessary for receiving a high mark in the IELTS Writing Component.
They will also be required to give presentations, improving their confidence and providing them with skills needed for the IELTS Speaking Exam.
The students will also listen to lectures and watch art and design-related video clips, which they will later discuss as a class, and answer questions on. This will help to prepare them for the IELTS Listening Exam.
As well as the reading that the students will have to do for their essays, they will be given articles, biographical writing, prose, etc. relating to art and design which they must critique, analyse, and answer questions about. This will help develop skills needed for getting a high mark in the IELTS Reading Component.

Course Detail

Dates: Sept 2nd 2019- May 15th 2020
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