BACA IELTS Programme

Course Introduction

The BACA IELTS programme sets a strong focus on IELTS test practice across a variety of topics, while establishing their reflective writing and critical thinking skills. Reading involves a variety of texts with discussions and explanation about word and phrase structures, while enhancing the grammar knowledge of students. Students will then engage into writing academic texts using relevant grammar as discussed in class.

Course Objectives

Speaking focuses on talking about events, as well as expressing themselves confidently in both formal and informal ways. They will also learn how to develop their ideas and deliver them properly.
The strong focus on reading comprehension and grammar knowledge through tests, sets the path on applying these skills in writing and speaking. As for reading, student will face a variety of academic texts and learn the relevant reading strategies. Student will get to know how to write different types of essays such as critical and comparative essays.
Students can expect to improve and understand English grammar and comprehend the use of the grammar, vocabulary and phrases learned. This way they can immediately speak with correct grammar and more fluently. Through being engaged confidently in English discussion and improving their writing skills, they can succeed in their respective IELTS tests.

Course Detail

Dates: Sept 2nd 2019- May 15th 2020
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