BACA Presessional English Course

Course Introduction

BACA Pre-sessional English Course focuses on academic language learning in the arts, design, fashion and cultural studies. All teachers are qualified to teach academic English, resulting in genuine, immersive and professional English training.

Course Detail

Course Length: 3 Weeks
Dates: August to September

Entry Requirements

Students with an IELTS score lower than 5.0 are required to participate in the pre-sessional English course; All students attending BACA International Art Programme are eligible to attend.

Course Aims

Students will improve their English level though comprehensive study. This course focuses on applied academic English skills, such as writing academic reports and essays and mastering academic vocabulary in related subjects.

The course will also introduce students to western teaching methods and learning. Good communication and academic learning ability lay a solid foundation for students to study abroad in the future. 

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