A Level in Art

Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Art and Design

Course Structure:

A Level Art, Craft and Design is compulsory for all students.
A Level Art Craft and Design allows students to engage with a broad creative practice that includes Graphic Communication, Textile Design, 3D Fine Art, Lens Based Media and Illustration. As the Art, Craft and Design course develops students focus their practice in one or two specialisms.
Students with exceptional motivation, creative ability and excellent English language ability may also choose to study A Level Fine Art.

Equivalent Qualifications:

China: 2nd Year of High School
US: Year 11
UK: A-Level Year 13
Canada: Year 11
Australia: Year 11

Access from:

China: 1st Year of High School
US: Year 10
UK: AS Year 12 (to study 2 A Levels) or GCSE Year 11 (to study 1 or 2 A Levels depending on ability/prior attainment)
Canada: Year 10
Australia: Year 10

Progression to:

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design or direct to university.

Target Students:

1. Complete BACA Progression in Art, AS Level, Or Complete 1st year of high school in China.
Or complete
US: Year 10
UK: AS students or GCSE 2nd Year
Canada: Year 10
Australia: Year 10
2. Students who have an interest in drawing, painting, making, product, architecture, photography, fashion, design; aim to be an artist or designer.


1 Year

Entry Requirements:

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old
English Level: BACA English test 70 or IELTS 5.0 to study 1 A Level, IELTS 5.5 to study 2 A Levels

Application Documents:

Junior School Diploma / School transcript / Studying certification / Personal statement / Reference letter / Portfolio

Certificate and Qualification:

BACA Art Certificate
General Certificate in Education Advanced Level 
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