At BACA, We Take Pride In Our Ability To Support Students InFinding And Following Their Individual Creative Paths. OurHighly Skilled And Experienced Teachers, Who Are AlsoAccomplished Artists, Offer Invaluable Advice And GuidanceWhether In An Individual Or Team Setting

BACA A Level Year 1

Entry Requirements
Minimum Age: 16
English Level: BACATest 5.5/IELTS 5.5
lkdeally, you have an idea about what subjects you would like to study.
Progression to:
BACA Foundation (FAD) or BA courses at Uk Universities

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BACA A Level Year 2

Entry Requirements
Minimum Age: 16
English Level: BACATest 5.5/IELTS 5.5
lkdeally, you have an idea about what subjects you would like to study.
Progression to:
BACA Foundation (FAD) or BA courses at Uk Universities

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Textiles exsists in many forms, it is essentially surface design, which comprises of many diverse materials. You will develop essential 2D and 3D design skills involving various techniques and processes, using traditional craft-based as well as more contemporary methods. This pathway is perfect for those interested in fine art and a tactile approach to creative asignments. At BACA, we encourage you to be curious and contextualize your knowledge of artists and designers, with a view to gain a wider understanding of textile art.

Fine Art

Challenge yourself by entering the exciting world of A-Level Fine Art at BACA. Your creativity will flourish as you explore a variety of techniques and processes, whilst developing a critical awareness of contemporary fine art. Whether you prefer working from observation or taking a more abstract approach, you will be encouraged to experiment and develop your ideas to a confident and high level. The skills you develop will not only benefit you in the realm of fine art, but also in other areas of your academic and personal life.

Graphics and Photo Media

Graphics and Photo-Media form effective tools for communication that captivate, motivate and encourage. With BACA's Graphics and Photo-Media pathway at A-Level, you will immerse yourself into a world of creative possibilities, experimenting with photography and lens-based media, video and digital imaging as well as traditional craft-based subjects. Through the development of a range of graphic languages and media you will take your first steps in the world of visual communication.

Course Goal

This Two-Year Program Offers An Introduction To Various Art, Design, And Media Disciplines And Results in One Or Two Pearson Edexcel A-Levels In ArtAnd Design. Students Will Develop Practical Skills In Art And DesignTechniques And Gain A Critical And Contextual Understanding Of Artists'Work And The lmpact Of Our Surroundings On Creativity. Enrolling in BACA A-Level At Age 15 Provides A Distinct Advantage For Students Who Want ToFully Prepare For Advanced Educational Programs At BACA, Such As FashionAnd Art Management, BACA Foundation Or BACA Level 3.However, Students Who Already Possess Fundamental Art And Design SkillsCan Enroll At Age 16 And Attain Their A-Levels In One Year.BACA Offers A Dynamic, Full-Time Program, Monday - Friday, 9:45 AM-4:30PM, That Immerses Students In The World Of Art And Design.

Time line

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Application deadline
Course date
Pre-sessional English course
Exam dates
Examination results
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BACA英国Pearson考试局认证的官方办学中心,通过BACA A-Level考试成绩,可以完全被英国各大学认可。

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Teacher Quotes


“The A level introduces the students to diverse ways of creating art. Ways, based around the production not reproduction of ideas. We at BACA encourage students to research, document and constantly re-assess the art of art making, developing a healthy questioning of their processes, and completed works.”


“At BACA, we provide a multi-disciplinary, creative field of visual subjects. We believe that the most effective method in providing quality education is to expose students to a well-balanced course of study, encompassing the fundamental theories in various communication contexts and media platforms.”


“BACA A-Level is where any creative young adult can progress and lay the foundation for a career in the creative industries.Learners gain an individual understanding of visual perception and aesthetic experience. They can also learn how to relate their skills to an enhanced knowledge of their own and other cultures, past and present.The main learning objectives are Experimentation, Researching, Recording and Presenting. These are the best guidelines throughout any creative education and career.”


“At this level, students are encouraged to study concepts such as argument analysis, assessing evidence and problem solving. The course is designed to develop critical thinking and apply these skills to the students studio practice as well as their understanding of historical and cultural contexts.”


”Throughout the A-level programme the students are encouraged to express their conceptual and aesthetic abilities. The main objectives of the programme are to enable the students to develop technical knowledge, creative and analytical skills that enhances their professional competence throughout their chosen field/s.”

Teaching Facilities

At BACA, we believe that a supportive and well-equipped environment is essential for unleashing creativity and fostering artistic growth. The A-Level facilities are located in the heart of Beijing's historical hutongs near Lama Temple. Our modern education complex provides an encouraging environment for all creative pursuits. You will have access to our fully-equipped art studio, workshop rooms, graphic design and media studio, as well as the BACA English classroom. Our specialized teachers and technicians are committed to helping you work safely and creatively, so you can focus on developing your artistic potential.

A LEVEL Alumni

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- Mike Taylor, Web Designer


- Tiffany

Career Possibilities

Fashion Designer
Textile Designer
Jewelry Designer
Art Director
Fine Artist
Costume Designer
Photo Journalist

BACA Graduation Exhibition

We will showcase the creations of BACA A Level Year 1 & 2 courses, BACA Art Preparatory Course, Art Preparatory Course for Lunyi Specialist and Management Preparatory Course for Lunyi Specialist. The works include clothing, graphic, 3D, fine art, photography, Media, management and other professional directions. The works in the exhibition are the review and summary of each student's study in BACA. Although they are naive, they are full of sincerity.


Application Process

Application Deadline

School transcriptse;ELTS certificatee;<30 Pages Artwork;Reference Letter;School Diploma;Personal Statement.


To enroll, you need to successfully pass our interview.


Once you receive positive feedback we will contact youwith an offer to enroll.


Together with your parents, you will sign the BACA Enrollment Contract

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