BACA International
Diploma in Art and Design

Are you 16 or older with a passion for VFX, animation, film or game or web design?
Are you looking for an industry-focused approach?
Have you successfully completed your first- or second-year high school in China, or year 10/11 in the US/Canada/Australia, or GCSE year 11/12 in the UK?
Are you dreaming of attending the world's most prestigious art schools in the UK, Canada, the USA, or Australia?
You have an English Level of IELTS 4.5 or higher?
You’re looking to create a meaningful portfolio that showcases your skills and passions?
If you answered yes to all these questions, then the BACA International Diploma in Creative Media course will be your perfect fit. The course goal is to provide you with an internationally recognised qualification, the BTEC International Level 3 Diploma Creative Media. Upon completion of the programme, you will have developed a strong digital portfolio showcasing your work.

BACA International Diploma in Art and Design

Entry requirements
Minimum age: 17
English : BACA English Test 5.5 or IELTS 5.5.
Course Dates
August 22nd 2022 – May 27th 2023
Course Dates
August 22nd 2022 – May 27th 2023

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Learning photography involves acquiring knowledge and skills related to capturing, processing, and producing visual images using a camera. This includes understanding camera settings as well as composition, lighting, and editing techniques. Learning photography also involves developing an eye for visual storytelling and the ability to communicate ideas and emotions through images. This can also foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Film and TV

Learning filmmaking involves gaining proficiency in the technical and creative aspects of creating visual storytelling through the medium of film or video. This includes understanding film theory, acquiring technical skills such as camera operation and editing software, planning pre-production, capturing footage during production, refining it during post-production, and marketing and distributing the final product. It requires a passion for storytelling and a dedication to the craft.


Learning animation involves bringing characters and objects to life through motion graphics, visual effects, and computer-generated imagery. This requires understanding animation principles, gaining proficiency in software and tools, learning storytelling techniques, creating engaging graphics, producing realistic visual effects, and understanding 3D modeling. It requires a combination of technical skills, artistic creativity, and a passion for storytelling.

Game design

Learning game design involves creating interactive gaming experiences by understanding game theory, gaining proficiency in game engines and programming languages, learning storytelling techniques, designing an engaging user interface and experience, creating graphics and sound design, and incorporating user feedback through playtesting and iteration. It requires technical skills, creative thinking, and a passion for gaming.

Game art

Learning games art involves developing creative and technical skills to create visual elements of video games. This includes creating concept art, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and designing user interfaces. It requires artistic talent, technical skills, and knowledge of game design principles and industry trends.

VFX (visual effects)

Learning VFX involves developing technical skills and creative knowledge to create and enhance special effects in film, television, and other media. This includes proficiency in industry-standard software, compositing, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, matte painting, and rotoscoping. It requires a combination of technical and artistic skills and an understanding of how VFX contributes to storytelling in film and television.

Web design

Learning web design involves developing technical and creative skills to design visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also requires knowledge of design principles, responsive design, search engine optimization, and user experience.

Course Goal

The primary educational aim of this course is to help you develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills to support learning at university level and prepare for a career in the art, design and media industry. With the BACA International Diploma, students will complete four projects in their chosen pathway and a final portfolio to apply for university.

Upon completion of the programme, students will receive the BTEC International Level 3 Diploma. This qualification is equivalent to the last high school year in China, the UK or the USA, Canada and Australia as well as BACA Foundation.

Time line

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Application deadline
Start of course
Pre-sessional English course
University Application deadline
End of course

About the Certification

BACA provides the Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice. Whilst being respected as a globally recognised education provider, Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body, offers academic and vocational qualifications. For further information, please visit their website:

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Teacher Quotes


“The focus of the HNC program is to let students communicate and develop their ideas through a variety of media and to see their concepts, experiments and outcomes from a more commercial perspective. I am especially proud when students independently plan and manage their projects and demonstrate an astonishing range of both strategic and visually communicative skills.”

Jo Art and Design

“The International Diploma in Art and Design is a course that will allow you to follow your own specialism and have a greater understanding of the art and design industry. You will develop a greater understanding of art and design practices, and deepen your technical and communication abilities.”

EoinCreative Media

“The International Diploma in Creative Media is a very exciting new course looking at photography, film, animation, VFX, coding, what everything you need for the digital age. Creative Media spans a broad range of specialisms to support your career in the digital world.”

Teaching Facilities

At BACA, we believe that a supportive and well-equipped environment is essential for unleashing creativity and fostering artistic growth. The A-Level facilities are located in the heart of Beijing's historical hutongs near Lama Temple. Our modern education complex provides an encouraging environment for all creative pursuits. You will have access to our fully-equipped art studio, workshop rooms, graphic design and media studio, as well as the BACA English classroom. Our specialized teachers and technicians are committed to helping you work safely and creatively, so you can focus on developing your artistic potential.

A LEVEL Alumni

I absolutely love the learning environment and atmosphere at BACA, and during my three years of study there, I gained a lot. The mentors would set up some fascinating courses, teaching us new creative methods and experimenting with new materials. I think the biggest benefit was that it helped me develop a creative mindset and the courage to try out new techniques and materials to express my artwork

- Sarah

My year at BACA Level three was one of my most experimentally-challenging. I enjoyed working in my own studio space, this quiet environment gave me the chance to get creative! However, expand my horizons, challenge myself, but at the same time keep a schedule – this is what made BACA Level three a truly enriching learning experience. Altogether, BACA Level Three Art and Design gave me the chance to delve into various kinds of techniques, materials, and even cultures, all of which today have an essential position in my creative thinking.

- Sherry

BACA Graduation Exhibition

We will showcase the creations of BACA A Level Year 1 & 2 courses, BACA Art Preparatory Course, Art Preparatory Course for Lunyi Specialist and Management Preparatory Course for Lunyi Specialist. The works include clothing, graphic, 3D, fine art, photography, Media, management and other professional directions. The works in the exhibition are the review and summary of each student's study in BACA. Although they are naive, they are full of sincerity.


Application Process

Application Deadline

School transcriptse;ELTS certificatee;<30 Pages Artwork;Reference Letter;School Diploma;Personal Statement.


To enroll, you need to successfully pass our interview.


Once you receive positive feedback we will contact youwith an offer to enroll.


Together with your parents, you will sign the BACA Enrollment Contract

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If you have any questions, you can fill in the information in the form below, and the teacher will contact you within one working day, or call us proactively.

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