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[Short Course ] Exploring Ceramics

Contemporary ceramic art could be seen as a combination of traditional functional pottery making and modern aesthetics and concepts. However, both using the versatile and elementary material clay, fire and meditative making process. Also unlike the mainly practical, ancient and traditional pottery, contemporary ceramics is more about the artist personal expression and thought.
BACA Art Centre’s “Exploring Ceramics” is specially designed for students who have little to no experience in the medium of clay but are interested in exploring the material. We will focus on the idea of ‘The Vessel’ pots, cups, bowls and so on. Using hand-building techniques, students will learn the basics of pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building, for the ‘throwing’ part of the class students will learn the basics of using a potter’s wheel and create beginner shapes and vessels. We will also experiment with glazes, and learn how to fire the pots in the kiln. 
"Exploring Ceramics" is taught by Charlie Dutton, who is an active British art educator, curator and contemporary artist. Through this course, students will understand the basic methods of ceramics and the strength of estheticism. The aim of this class is allowing students to be creative, play, explore and challenge themselves in the highly tactile medium of ceramics. Ceramic art is not just about making functional work, we will look a brief history of the pot from the Kitchen to the Gallery. By the end of your course, you should have the differently made and completed fired and glazed bowls and maybe more!
Over 16 years old. Basic English is required.

12th, 19th, 26th October | Saturdays | 10am-1pm
- Early bird price:1500 RMB 
(two weeks before the course)
- Original price:1880 RMB
- All materials provided |
Charlie Dutton
Charlie Dutton is an active British art educator, curator and contemporary artist. He achieved a BA (honours) in Fine Art at Central St Martins in 1996, and he post-graduated from the same university with major in Photography in 2008. Charlie has more than 10 years teaching experience, he has taught at the City of London School, University of the Arts London and other schools, colleges in the UK, India and Rwanda.
Charlie Dutton’s artworks mainly involve in photography, film, painting, ceramics and other topics. His own gallery “Charlie Dutton Gallery” has been operating in central London for five years. The gallery exhibits the works of more than 400 artists and provides collections for public and private collectors from all over the world. Charlie is currently living and working closely with major galleries in Beijing.
Unit 125, Level One, Yonghe Tower B, Beijing 
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