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Student's interview: Echo

1. What is your current artistic direction of study (3D, fashion, etc.) and how different it is from your previous learning mode? How did you overcome the difficulties? 

I think the difference is that I need to be passionate and confident about my projects to carry out the research and experiments on my own. 

As for the biggest difficulty is to communicate with my colleague logically. I believe there are some effective approaches towards this problem: a. set up a timetable for a project and keep track of it, adjust it if necessary. b. collect feedback from others on anything about said project for the reflection later. 
2. What have you gained from this period of study at BACA? 

It would be an understatement to say that I’ve expanded my knowledge. In the FAD group, we all have individual interests in art, which allows me to understand it from multiple perspectives. In addition, I get to practice a range of techniques and skills apart from photography ones. 
A level艺术生作品
3.What are the new learning methods and thought process you have learned at BACA? 

Thinking individually, being self-reliant and self-driven. Idea development : from inspirations to a promising concept. 
A level艺术生
4.Which teacher has been the most helpful to you and what have you learned from him/her? 

No one in particular. All the tutors here at BACA are easy-going and support me with their specialty, encourage me to leave my comfort zone and experiment with alternative approaches. 
5. What university and major do you want to apply for in the future? Why? 
BA Fine Art Photography, Camberwell College of Arts. 

I am convinced that this course suit me the best after thorough research because it is a part of the fine art department of the college which is conceptual and multi-disciplined. 
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