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DUAL LENS, a University Arts London Staffand Alumni show


To kick offour program at Nook Gallery will start with DUAL LENS, a University Arts London Staffand Alumni show, from Photography graduates and lecturers. This is a unique opportunity to see both Lecturers’and Graduates’work side by side. The artists in this show explore a range of concepts and methods of working, with many using photography as a tool to investigate the tangible or physical, with others looking at abstraction or digital mark making.  

NAME: Chris Wainwright TITLE: White ICE
TITLE: White I
MEDIA: Ink Jet
Chris Wainwright who tragically passed away last year, was an artist based in London and was the Dean of Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon. As an artist and curator, his interests were focused on environmental photography, performance and installation. Chris was a frequent visitor to BACA and had a great fondness for China.
His work in Dual Lens, titled White Ice, is part of his Red Ice-White ices series. White Ice was shot at night whilst circling around icebergs in a small inflatable boat off the north west coast of Greenland in sub zero temperatures.
The photographs were made using red or white flash to reflect the temperature changes taking place in this fragile wilderness
NAME: Johanna Love
TITLE: Staub I (dust) 2010
MEDIA: Ink jet and graphite
SIZE: 70x90cm
Johanna Love is an artist and academic living in London. She has recently completed a practice based PhD at Chelsea College of Arts and is currently Pathway Leader for MA Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts, and Senior Lecturer in Printmaking at the University of Brighton. She exhibits widely both nationally and internationally.
Johanna Love uses photography, print and drawing to explore notions of disappearance and visual emptiness. She is interested in images that generate visual paradoxes, most often using landscape images, to explore readings of loss, the indefinable and the unknown, whilst simultaneously provoking perceptual imagination. What drives her current work is a fascination with how tiny specks of dust –what seems most insubstantial – has the material power to fascinate, to generate and to sustain thought.
The technological image is a starting point for the work, either obtained through the camera lens or the digital scanner. However, it is always submitted to some kind of digital manipulation and then manual intervention through drawing. In drawing from or within the original photographic image, there is a questioning of visual perception and digital technology. Through the process of drawing and digital manipulation, there is an attempt to bring the image back into the physical, material world of the living and imagination.

NAME: Jingbo Zou
TITLE: Undercurrent No4
MEDIA: Video
Jingbo Zou, graduated from University of the Arts London, London College of Communication.
His work presents a fusion of Chinese traditional philosophy and Western contemporary art through photography and the moving image, try to explore the balance between ancient and modern, tradition and contemporary, complexity and pureness.
NAME: Sun Shi
TITLE: Impossible Landscape
MEDIA: Inkjet
SIZE: 250cm
Sun Shi is an artist who Graduated last year from LCC studying BA photography, working with photography and installation. She observes and questions various aspects of the immanent, the spatial and the bodily through her practices while articulating the everyday with her own unique artistic language, opening in gentle but radical ways the gaps of transience in space and place.
NAME: Xue Cao
TITLE: 《Image processing》
MEDIA: Inkjet Print
SIZE: 4x 40x40cm
Xue Cao studied visual Communication Design at Jiangnan University and then went on to Study MA at Chelsea College of Art.
“Image processing is an necessary process after photography. After image processing, the part that we did in the software belongs to the original images. In this artwork, the images show the part of image processing that is totally finished by the software. In other words, this series of images come from one photograph. When I intend to deal with this photography in the Photoshop, the software is out of order. And when I use the mouse to move the images in the software, it shows more possibilities. I am attracted by this kind of uncertainty and randomness. So this process is recorded.”

NAME: Bernd Behr
TITLE: Topographic Obscenities
MEDIA: Inkjet
Bernd Behr is currently Senior Lecturer in Photography at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL. Working across photography, sculpture, video and writing, Bernd Behr’s practice operates a speculative archaeology at the intersection of images, narratives and the built environment. Often engaging with specific architectural sites and their associative histories, his work inserts itself into these subjects through modes of research and fiction. Many of his projects involve documentary and constructed elements, as well as the appropriation of previous work into continuously evolving narrative systems.

NAME: Shi Bohao
TITLE: Moon, Sleeping in the Rivulet
MEDIA: Inkjet on aluminium
SIZE: 50x50cm
Shi Bo-Hao Studied at BACA in 2014 and has recently graduated from Camberwell BA Fine Art Photography. Bohao’s practice emphasis on material and conceptual experimentation, which engages with different kinds of medium. He’s interested in utilise the philosophy and aesthetic of Taoism and the invisibility of void in artistic practice. This photographic work ‘Moon, Sleeping In the Rivulet’ captured an isolated street furniture in south London. It concerns with ancient poems and uses metaphor as a poetic way to represent the moon, which also shows artists’s research on relationships between material, meditation and voids.

NAME: Martyn Simpson
TITLE: Untitled
MEDIA: Laser Jet
Martyn Simpson is an artist and curator and is currently Associate Dean at Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of the Arts London. His curatorial projects aim to engage a wider public in contemporary Art and engage artists with organisations and communities unaccustomed to hosting Art events. He has been successful in involving internationally renowned artists as well as securing the cooperation and support of national and regional funding bodies. Simpson co-curated Perfidy, an Intervention at the Convent of La Tourette near Lyon, France in 2001 involving twenty international artists who made specific work for one of France’s landmark modernist buildings. This project was later shown at Kettles Yard Gallery in Cambridge. Another exhibition, Carts and Rafts, New Artisans in Contemporary Art, (2001) explored the role of craft and the handmade in the work of new and emerging artists. Martyn Simpson’s own Art practice has involved photographic installation and painting and has been exhibited in London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Brussels, Vienna and Tokyo.

NAME:Jeffrey Stephen Miller
Title: Decal Collage 1
Medium: Ceramic decal on porcelain tile
Demensions: 100 x 200cm
Jeffrey Stephen Miller (b. 1987) received his BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. His work explores the possibilities of working within systems of manufacturing. Focusing mainly on ceramics he gleans what he can from various practices, factories and production to make work that responds to the relationship between artist and industry. Additionally, he is part of a collaborative project with artist Thomas Schmidt. Their work transforms discarded ceramics into tile to give new life to the large excess of materials produced by factories and workshops. In 2015, their work received the bronze prize at the Gyeonggi International Ceramics Biennale. They also have work in the collection of The Korea Ceramic Foundation and The Victoria and Albert Museum.
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