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A Level Student Wendy's Interview

In September this year, I came to BACA to study. During the three months of living and studying, I met many new classmates and teachers, made new friends, learned many technical skills that I had never been experienced before, and increased my interest in art. I have never studied systematic and professional art skills before, so I’m always worry about whether I can keep up with other students in the courses.
However, the teaching in BACA has increased my confidence. I can gain and learn from every step of the process, like primary research, recording, developing and creating my own project. In BACA, I experimented with different techniques and materials, which helped me to clarify which kind of art performance I’m interested in and good at. Through reviewing my sketchbooks, I can see the growth and effort I put in from the beginning till now.
I'm very grateful to BACA for this strict but free education performance which attracted lots of students, I really enjoy studying in this artistic atmosphere.Atthe same time looking through other students works and listening about the meaning and art from a different perspective,it also benefit me a lot in the process and practice while I'm doing my works.
At first I thought art is very concrete until now I found the inclusive of art is very broad, is not just about expressing our emotions but also about expressing our thoughts and ourselves and what are we trying to show to the viewers.
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