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The Beijing Academy of Creative Arts (BACA) has developed a reputation, both locally and internationally, as an art, design and media school where students are holistically educated. Spending up to three years at our institution, the young aspiring artists are prepared to attend the UK’s most prestigious art and design universities.

Why you should apply

Baca provides an exciting and vibrant work environment for experienced, positive and dedicated staff with a passion for teaching and a high-level of commitment to help students grow to become creatively directional as well as confident communicators.

  • At BACA, we cherish constantly innovating and evolving teaching methodologies to ensure our relevance within fast-past creative industries.
  • We strive to actively nurturing each and every student to reach their unique creative potential and our students are passionate, inspiring and willing to push their limits.
  • We invest in in our staff with a competitive salary package, full visa support, generous holidays and an international health insurance.
  • We love our state-of-the-art and purpose-built teaching sites at three locations in Beijing.
  • During the summer holidays, we encourage as well as financially support our teachers working on their own projects to evolve as practicing artists and designers. Our facilities can be used for this purpose as well.
  • Working at BACA is culturally stimulating! Our teachers come from a diverse European background.
  • A ratio of 15 students maximum per teacher ensures quality over quantity.
  • Our faculty enjoy an atmosphere of collegiality and mutual respect that rewards outstanding teaching and fosters active intellectual and creative engagement.
BACA is committed to ensuring that all people are welcomed, honored and fully engaged in the life of our academic community. We recruit exceptional and diverse faculty and encourage applications from individuals who are underrepresented in their profession.

Frederico Castelbranco

“At the end of their time at BACA, the students are looking back on an incredible journey. I love seeing them progress and gain confidence as artists and designers.”

Sakura Fischer

"BACA Foundation enables the students to develop their skills as well as personality and really grow as artists. They are profiting from Foundation’s pathway diversity as they are influenced by their pathway as well as by what other students are focusing on."

At BACA, you will

  • Motivate students to advance their academic skills and high behavioral standards in preparation for high school
  • Enjoy collaborating with a talented team of experienced professionals
  • Develop challenging lessons based on classroom observations and assessments of individual students
  • Create well-organized documentation of students’ accomplishments through notes and portfolios
  • Help students to find their creative voice, build their confidence and council on suited undergraduate courses in the UK.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree
  • An internationally recognised teaching qualification
  • Minimum 2 years working experience
  • We request a criminal record clearance and successful background checks. Applicants should submit relevant documents from your country of origin.
  • A passion for creating, designing and practicing art
  • A desire to share the rich tapestry of art, design and media as well as explore wider issues impacting these fields
  • Genuine warmth and love for guiding teenagers
  • Ability and interest in working as a team to deliver a robust, high-quality educational program
  • Benevolent outlook towards solving problems and advocating for our educational viewpoint
BACA welcomes speculative CVs at any time from suitably qualified and experienced creatives who would like to be considered for future work in our teaching team.
We've sparked you interest? Please send your CV and cover letter to admin@baca.org.cn.

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