About BACA:

BACA (Beijing Academy of Creative Arts) was founded in 2011 by St. Elite Art Centre in Beijing. Working as UAL’s (University of the Arts London) official recruitment representative since 1998, St.Elite has been the main route for students to progress to UAL from China.
BACA is the first art academy in China, which is based on an international art and design curriculum. Our programmes include Foundation Diploma, Level 3 Diploma, A-Level, Portfolio Training and Art Tour, which provides a range of opportunities for Chinese students from Junior School level (15 years old) to Pre-University level (19 years old). BACA’s educational philosophy is to encourage personal identity and creativity. All members of our teaching team have come through the western art and design education system, with strong academic backgrounds and international experiences in art and design education.
The unique teaching system at BACA helps hundreds of students into the University of the Arts London and other world leading art universities and colleges and artistic talents cultivated by BACA are forming the pillars of the developing creative industry of China.

Our Aims
Students at BACA will:

  • Acquire cultural and historical knowledge of both western and eastern art and design.
  • Develop critical thinking skills, as well as the processes and methods in art and design.
  • Grow unique creative talent in art and design, and apply the talent in other subjects.
  • Improve their English communication skills both in day to day and Academic English.

Why Choose BACA?

  • Globally recognized diploma and certificate.
  • The first one-stop art education system in China.
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