Student‘s Interview: Max

Hello everyone, I'm MAX. I'm a FAD student and I'm interested in architectural design. In the past, I was just a student in an ordinary high school. BACA's learning method is very different from before. First, our school's teaching method pays great attention to teaching students according to their aptitude. The teacher will help each student find out his interest and professional direction according to the advantages and disadvantages of each student, and then encourage and guide students to learn in different ways. This makes me enjoy the learning process here very much.
During my study in BACA, the biggest difficulty I ever encountered was that I didn't know how to integrate my ideas and didn't bother to do research. SKECHBOOK is always very messy, even I don't know how to extract useful information from it. However, when I failed, my teachers and classmates were constantly encouraging me to guide me.
Slowly, I also realized the importance of SKECHBOOK, and finally I could extract my own works from it. I have gained a lot when I came to BACA. First of all, I think the most important thing is that I met good friends who are good at different specialties and skills. They have taught me a lot. Whether it is the information collation of preliminary investigation, the trial production of samples in the middle, or the birth of FINAL, I have learned a lot from friends in every step.
In terms of thinking, I can obviously feel the improvement of my mood. This feeling is very subtle, but the way I treat things has changed greatly. I like chatting with friends from different professions very much on weekdays. I can feel that everyone has different ways and means to deal with different things. There are many things worth learning. For example, I learned how to combine elements from different fields in a clever way, or how to adjust my mood when I am depressed. These things are very positive. BACA's teachers are also my favorite. First of all, western teaching methods will dilute the traditional teacher-student relationship.
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