Student‘s Interview: Adeline

Currently my artistic direction is fine art since I have a strong desire to express myself through art. Studying in BACA is totally different compared with my study experience in high school in Beijing. My mind and thought were trapped in high pressure of study and tests so after I came to BACA, I was quite surprised that we can learn new things in such a free and happy atmosphere. 

The biggest difference between the learning mode in normal high school and at BACA is that I need to learn and explore my ideas on my own and teachers will not tell me what to do but guide me based on my own thoughts. Studying at BACA is also very independent so I usually write To Do List everyday to ensure that I can complete what I need to do. 


In my mind, Binia is the teacher who has been the most helpful for my study in BACA. Every time I speak to her while I get stucked while I am doing a project, my mind gets broadened and I am clear about how can I develop my idea further. As my family are all very traditional, we sometimes misunderstand each other because of different understanding of art. While I was doing my third project, Carpet of Memories, Binia inspired me of using this kind of misunderstanding and make it to an art work instead of thinking about it in a bad way. I tried and the outcome came out surprisingly interesting. She can also see my characteristic and interest in order to give me advices that are more suitable.
Because of my choice of studying fine art in the future, I am eager to go to Chelsea because I can try various art forms there and the atmosphere is good for me for my further study.
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