Student‘s Interview: Vicky

I am currently is the direction of study fashion and 3D performance, this semester for me is a new mode of learning, and it’s quite different from Chinese high school and the learning process of a-level course when I learn things.

In previous course I learn how to appreciate the artists’ work and find inspiration from it , set up my own aesthetic and a series of basic skills, however, in the foundation course of study is paid more attention to in my own thoughts, the concept of personal independence and techniques used in the growth of this one and a half years study I also learned experience overcame many difficulties, such as record their daily life (taking photo or sketching) at any time in order to obtain inspiration;

Time management is an important problem for me, so I am used to make a time table it is clear to tell me what task I need to finish of each day, don't waste any time!
This more than half a year's study I harvested a lot, let me realize the importance of communication with schoolmates, I can learn with friends and help each other, still can let the tutors to further understand my thoughts in order to get more knowledge.
Teamwork is the first lesson when I come to baca. As part of a team let me learn responsibility and has exercised my leadership ability.

Broaden, divergent thinking is also doing an important part of the works, art is each other so I can't confined to the direction of you like I need to expand more understanding of different areas and mastering, this study will help me to provide more ideas and solutions.

Most help to me in the course of the teachers are Binia and Janine, I learned from them quite a lot , like how to perfect my work to work every detail perfect, but more time to learn is the professional spirit as well as some inspiration method.
In the future I want to apply for the 3D effect for performance and fashion in the London college of fashion , this course is focus on skill learning and handmade and in my works also prefer do-it-yourself production and skills combination , so this major is more suitable for me, and I want to have TV, film or theater as my future career development direction, so clothing props production and scene design more can stimulate my interest.
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