【BACA Connection】Open Call for Artists


BACA CONNECTION is an art programme cosponsored by BACA Art Centre and Beijing Academy of Creative Arts (BACA), aiming to connect more alumni of the University of the Arts London with the Chinese public. Through open call of artists for the exhibition "The Grammatical Structure of Art", BACA CONNECTION attempts to discuss the influence of different cultural and artistic education systems on individual aesthetic concepts of artistic creation from a unique perspective. 
The individual creative practices are developed in a frame formed after restructuring of the art grammar. The symbolic expression, the use of colors, the study of materials, the historical context, the self-attribution of media, and the public relations of this grammatical structure all helped shape individuals’ intrinsic attributes and their own visual experience. The visual experience displayed in the "The Grammatical Structure of Art" exhibition will be a diverse expression, including painting, installation, sculpture, photography video and so on. 
We expect artists from different cultural backgrounds to take part in discussions on current and future innovations in art practices as well as art education programmes. A series of art talks will also be held during the exhibition "The Grammatical Structure of Art”.
Exhibition Name: The Grammatical Structure of Art
Exhibition Time: 2021.4.10-5.22
Exhibition Space: BACA Art Centre |  Nook Gallery
Open Call Artists: Alumni of the University of the Arts London
Submission Deadline: March 21, 2021

Submission email: gloria.guan@ual.org.cn
Email subject: “name + name of the artwork for exhibition"
Attachment information:
Please submit 1 or 1 series of HD pictures of artworks for exhibition
Please submit less than 200Mb video artworks
Work descriptions both in Chinese and English (about 300 words each)
An artist profile
Please include an artist's portfolio or past project introduction or artist website
Please note the artworks for exhibition must be existing ones and available for sale.
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