【BACA Young Contemporaries】凉凉的 Be Cool


BACA Art Centre and BACA Academy of Creative Arts is proud to present “BACA Young Contemporaries”, a program that is committed to offering talented artists and designers who are in their early career the opportunity to present their artworks, as well as to support young people developing their art. Our goal is to build a unique way to connect the public internationally and the local community with young art professionals and expanding the public’s cultural awareness through creative activities, social and online art events.
This year we are working alongside talented young people from BACA Academy of Creative Arts. Kevin Zhang’s new design is showing his feelings towards the summer, while is a witty and expressive journey of Si’s subjective mind exploring fear and emotions.
The “BACA Young Contemporaries” future projects, artists will develop their creative practices into products, exploring and experiencing the creative cultural industry. However the products is not the only way that the artist will be promoted. The project will encourage further development, aesthetic and artistic knowledge, creative experience and to engage with the public, collectors and critics.


张乃文Kevin Zhang | 凉凉的 Be Cool
2020 BACA Academy of Creative Arts Foundation Orientation in Art & Design

The inspiration of this design comes from the nostalgia for the cool feeling. The theme of the image is a popsicle. The hot red stripe is used to contrast the cool feeling of the popsicle.

肆Si | A Deep
2020 BACA Academy of Creative Arts A-level
This work is 1 / 16 of a large work. It is more of a very subjective statement. I have always felt that when I was painting and photographing, I presented my personal feelings and state, as well as my environment and experience. For me, the current creation is a relatively private individual practical experience, and I actually care less to the results of practice.


Welcome to join us taking summer photos and enjoying a cool art breeze!


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