UAL ongoing support for trans and non-binary staff and students

You may have seen media reports which reference leaked plans from the Government Equalities Office which would slow progress on trans rights in the UK and are rumoured to include regressive action which would further marginalise trans people in our society.


We recognise the anxiety, pain and fear this will cause for many of our trans and non-binary staff and students. At UAL we believe everybody deserves the freedom to be themselves and to live, study and work openly and honestly. The first thing I want to emphasise on behalf of everyone at UAL is that nothing has changed in our commitment to trans and non-binary equality. You are part of our community and you will always have our full support; we will continue to work with Arts SU, our staff and student networks and Stonewall on the issues affecting you.

We will also support you with practical interventions, for example we have incorporated Mx as a title option in all of our records. We also take a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination and all forms of bullying and harassment. If, as a trans or non-binary staff-member or student, you encounter any behaviour which makes you feel uncomfortable, you should report it right away.

We will also be adding UAL’s voice to the Stonewall campaign to lobby government not to go ahead with their damaging and backward-looking plans. We will always stand up for the rights of the members of our community who identify as trans and non-binary. Transgender women are women, transgender men are men, and non-binary identities are valid and recognised.

Natalie Brett
UAL LGBTQ+ Champion
Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of London College of Communication, UAL
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