Your Questions Answered

I haven't been offered a room in any of the halls I selected in my top five? 
  • We try our best to allocate you a room in one of your top 5 preferences, however this isn't always possible due to the high number of applications we receive. Instead, we've offered you a room in a hall with more availability.

What do I do once I receive my offer?
  • UAL halls: You will need to log into the accommodation portal. This will show you which room type you have been offered. 
  • Partner halls: If you have received an offer from one of our partner halls, just sit tight, they will contact you directly with more information, within a few days

How do I accept my offer?
  • UAL halls: To accept your offer, please log into your account and click on "Room Offer". Please check the details of your offer and review your tenancy agreement.
  • Towards the bottom of your screen you'll need to re-enter your Student ID and password and click "Accept Offer".
  • After you’ve made your payment, don’t forget to press "Accept Offer" again. 
  • Partner halls: Our partner will provide full information on how you can accept your offer. 

How long do I have to accept my offer?
  • You have seven days to accept your offer. Your offer will expire at 10am London time. To view the deadlines and our offer schedule, please see our infographic.
  • Please note, deadlines cannot be extended and offers cannot be reissued after a student has declined the offer (manually or automatically after the deadline has passed).

Do I have to pay a deposit?

What if I want to reject my offer?
  •  We obviously hope that you're happy with your offer, but if you're not, there is the option to decline it. 
  • UAL halls: To decline your offer, please log into your account and click on "Room Offer". Then scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll need to re-enter your Student ID and password and click "Decline Offer".
  • Partner halls: It’s important that you let our partners know so as soon as possible that we can offer the room to someone else who has not had an offer yet.

Can I get another offer?
  • You only get one offer, so we do suggest that you take a few days to think about it. If you do choose to decline, you could join our waiting list in August, but there is no guarantee that a different hall will be available. 
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