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[Exhibition]Monk’s Love


JIN Yu | Monk’s Love

2020.11.28, 14:00-18:00
2020.11.28 - 2021.1.3
Monk‘s Love,2017,Video,09:28

When Mike cut himself bald one day, people joked that he looked like a monk. This was a joke among friends, but it raised a question for me: Why would Mike be titled a new religion just because of his shaved hair? Mike’s tattooed body and Caucasian face are incongruous with his "monk" status. It reminds me of the fake monks in robes I've seen in New York's High Line Park, targeting out-of-town visitors and asking for money. Misunderstanding and disguise are often a switching relationship, and both can be achieved through the control of symbols or surfaces.


Monk‘s Love Drawing Series,Drawing,2017


Transformation Practice
Ceramics with watercolor,

 My work has always been concerned with the use of symbols and different languages in a multicultural context. Life is full of all kinds of symbols that have a whole system of image politics and power relations behind them, and I am often puzzled by them. Symbols are the miasma that confuses reality. This exhibition presents a series of "symbol collages" that I created in Rome in 2017 and some recent reflections on "symbolic superficiality". The works include drawing, video, and sculpture.
Cucina Romana
Giftshop Sculpture, Egg Yolk

In the video of "Monk's Love", I tried to document the sculpture in the way of film, making the sculpture become props and symbolic carriers with a new narrative. By observing and extracting elements in Roman cities and objects in flea markets, I used collage and editing to create a fiction of a fake monk's search for his "desires". I put objects in contexts where they shouldn't be, so as to cast doubt on their symbolism: Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain, hordes of Chinese tour groups, melting gelato, the hormones in the Italian air, etc...

JIN Yu graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design BFA Sculpture Department in 2018, and currently studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, MFA Sculpture Department. 

Selected Exhibitions: 

Monk's love, BACA Art Centre, Beijing, China
Masc., Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

In-Between States, ACRE Project, Chicago, USA

The First Shenzhen University Art Fair, Shenzhen, China

MESH, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown University 
Basta?, Palazzo Cenci, Rome, Italy 
+1/Year of the Rooster, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York, USA 


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